Saturday, January 21, 2012

Something For My Point And Shot

Recently I just bought a Fujifilm X10.  I'm extremely excited and happy with this little fella.  It come with a brown color casing.  Sad to say, the quality of the casing is a let down.  The design seems to be too ordinary and it just doesn't latch well to my X10.  The casing material is a disaster as I was expecting it to be leather. 

Anyway, I'm not totally dissapointed with it.  This is a very good reason for me to get a new bag! Let me repeat... I'M GONNA GET A BAG FOR MY X10! So, which one is the one that I'm looking for? Basically I'm looking for something simple yet trendy, good stitch, water repellent and of course with a few mini compartments for my batteries, memory cards and accessories.  Lowepro Streamline 100 fits all my requirement! 

Lowepro did not dissapointed me with the design and quality.  The padding inside the bag simply provide the kind of protection to my camera.  What really impressed me the most is the adjustable latch on the strap.  You can just simply adjust it within finger tip even with the bag hanging across your shoulder.  It also come with something where I called it as "tongue wiper".  It's a piece of cleaning cloth sewed inside the bag, whereby you can wipe your lens or camera with it (refer to the video below)... pretty innovative design.  This bag can accomodate my X10, one extra battery, one charger, my iPhone, my house keys and my wallet.  Not too bad ya...

However the only dissapointment is it only come with 2 colors, which are black and red.  It's not an issue for me as black is my preference, but those who doesn't like black or red, they might refrain themself from getting it.

Oh ya... before I go, how much did I bought it? If I remember correctly I bought it in between SGD60~80.  It's a Lowepro my friend... Lowepro...

For more info - http://www.lowepro.com/streamline