Sunday, February 26, 2012

Few Hours With B+W ND110

I have lost touch with landscape photography.  In order to get myself prepare for my upcoming holiday trip, I decide to brush up my landscape shooting skill.  Somehow I'm lack of a good ND filter.  There are several market player for ND filters and various design as well such as square and ring type. 
Initially I was considering the square type, but I drop the idea because it's quite "bulky" with the bracket then I decide to go for the ring type.

After several consideration, I decide to go for B+W ND110.  Basically I was pretty much motivated by this video:

This piece of ND filter is not cheap and it cost me SGD125 but I decide invest it due to the importance of what a good ND filter can do to your photos.  I'm pretty much excited to try it out.  

Today, I decide to go for some field test in Lower Seletar Park at 12pm.  12pm is an odd hour for landscape shooters.  But to me, this is the best time to optimized the actual performance of ND110.  The results are quite impressive.  Here's my personal observation:

1. It's built in solid glass with brass ring.
2. You can shot in any broad day light no sweat.
3. Easily mounted on the lens.
4. I accidentally drop it at about 1 meter high, and glass still looks good.

1. Dark vignette still can be seen on the four corners on your photos.
2. When you mount on your lens, basically it's all dark when you view it in your viewfinder.  Therefore you have to focus/compose your photo first, then screw in the ND110, shot, remove the ND110 before going to the next shooting spot.

Here's the result of ND110 shot with Canon 5D + Canon 17-40mm f4 L +Sirui T-1205X tripod.  All the photos below are shot with exposure time of 30s, aperture 22 and ISO 50 and minor photo editing.

B+W ND110 is definitely worth every penny that you spend.  The results from the it is unbelievable.  Try it out and you'll know what I mean :)