Friday, February 3, 2012

Hotshoe Liquid Level For Street Shoting

A few weeks ago, I was out in Chinatown trying out some street shots with my Fujifilm X10.  The weather is good, Chinatown is pack with huge crowds and beautifully decorated for Chinese New Year celebration.  I'm very excited and simply can't stop shoting.  However the moment I try low angle shoting, DOOM! 7 out of 10 low angle shots are tilted!

I'm utterly dissapointed and start to consider cameras such as Canon G12, which offer tilting LCD display to help low angle shooters like me.  Then on one fine day, while reading some photography articles, I came across Hotshoe Liquid Level and I ask myself..."Hey man... this item is not only design for landscape shooters... why not get it and try on your X10??!!"

Straight away I rush to a nearby camera shop looking for Hotshoe Liquid Level.  Initially I thought the size for Hotshoe Liquid Level is standard design for all cameras.  But I was WRONG! In fact it got various designs for various cameras.  Fortunately I manage to grab one which is the same as Nikon and Canon hotshoe.  It only cost me RM15. 

Personally I think if any avid street photographers should get one.  You just pay a small amount of money that help your photo.  In the market there are many Hotshoe Liquid Level design.  But the one that I purchase is just nice for me as it doesn't looks bulky on my camera.  If you really plan to grab one, my advice is to bring your camera there and try it out before you purchase it to ensure it fits well into your hotshoe.

Without Hotshoe Liquid Level

With Hotshoe Liquid Level