Monday, April 2, 2012

Award Winning Vanguard GH-100 Pistol Ball Head

On this one fine day, while browsing the net, I accidentally found Vanguard GH-100 Pistol Ball Head.  I know that I might be a little bit late to saw it (as this product is already exist in the market for more than a year) and they even release GH-200 in the market.  I was looking for GH-200 but I can't get it in Singapore.  I only can get GH-100 here.

Anyway, after reading all the good reviews and finally have the opportunity to test this ball head myself.  My first impression is the rock solid built.  Second is the user friendly design.  With only 2 latch, I can basically adjust the position without sweat.  What I really like is the pistol design which brings a very good ergonomics. This is also the reason that this ball head won many awards.

After a few rounds of trying, finally I decide to bring it home to mount on my Sirui T-1205X.  If you ask me can it mount on Sirui tripods, YES.  If you ask me can it mount on other tripods such as Manfrotto, Benro etc... well... according to the sales person, YES!!!

Lastly, and most importantly I got it for SGD160.

For more info -> http://www.vanguardworld.com/index.php/en/pv/products/photo-video/detail-1-4-181-558.html