Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Best Camera Is...

During my photography journey, I have witness huge development in cameras.  Good cameras no longer come in big package.  What DSLR can do, small camera can do as well.  Camera addicts never stop spending on new gears.  Key question here:

Does changing camera improve your photos? YES and NO.  High end cameras are giving photographer bigger chance of shooting possibilities such as faster AF, larger ISO etc.  Unfortunately it will not improve creativity or technical aspect of your photos.  End of the day is the man behind the camera that make a good photo.

Hey, what am I talking here? How can I create a photo without a good camera? Of course NO.  Then what is the best camera then? My answer is simple.  The best camera is what you can afford or the camera that you have in hand now.  Many people have forgotten how to take a photo because they are spending too much time following up the latest camera and spend too much of useless time debating the best camera.  They have drifted themselves away from the core of photography.

Alex Majoli (one of a reknown Magnum photographer) burst into the war zone with only a pocket size Olympus camera (only recently he is using Leica) and come back with stunning shots.  Camera is only a tool to deliver what a photographer want to show.  Ingredient of a photo consist of 10% camera, 90% photographer.  

I have sold off all my Canon gears and only left with Fujifilm X-E2 with kit lens together with iPhone 6Plus.  In the last couple of years, I shoot more than before and I spend less time lurking in camera shops preying on new gears.  

Here's my humble series titled Everyday MRT taken with my iPhone edited in the built in apps.  Enjoy!